Record-breaking works: The final frontier of infrastructure


Webuild steps up to rebuild Baltimore’s bridge

Webuild presented to the Maryland State Government its project to rebuild the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which collapsed last March.


Bakerloo Line, a major project for London’s century-old subway line

The extension of the line will ensure 150,000 new subway trips each day compared to today.

Sustainability and infrastructure: an inseparable link


Italy Facing the Water Challenge

Investing in hydroelectric power is the path to developing clean energy and reducing the impact of climate change.


San Francisco, the Bay Area’s greatest railway project is born

It’s called Link21 and it will connect 21 counties in Northern California

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Union Station: an $8.8 billion project to revitalize Washington D.C.’s historic station

Railway hub for 37 million travellers, the new plan over the next 20 years will triple passenger capacity and double trains capacity


Iceland, the 100% green country thanks to its hydroelectric plants

The largest plant built in the country is the hydroelectric one in Kárahnjúkar, built by Webuild in 2009


The Metro Hangar at Naples Airport

Completion of the metal cover of the future Capodichino station.


A Plan for American High-Speed Rail Arrives in Congress

A bill with a $205 billion allocation to bring high-speed trains to America and create over two million jobs in five years.


From the classroom to the construction site: Thousands of Young People in School for Major Projects

Webuild opens classrooms for young people who will work on construction sites in the South.


Australia 2050: a net zero-emission economy

Australian Energy Market Operator calls for investment in hydro storage to help with energy transition