Webuild delivers the new Eni headquarters

The New Eni Headquarters in San Donato Milanese has been completed. Webuild Group delivered a unique, sustainable and stunning architectural and engineering work to the Italian energy giant. This innovative building, surrounded by a green park, meets the most stringent sustainability criteria.

Thanks to its shape, majesty and complexity, the mega building will also reshape the skyline of Milan’s metropolitan area. The building, with its iridescent facades ranging from shades of pink and purple to red and orange, creates a contrast with the blue of the sky, offering a vibrant chromatic sensation.

The sinuous lines create cohesion between all parts of the project. A recurrence of curves, which in addition to softening the general aesthetics of the buildings, de facto create their identity. And finally, the lines that cross between the various floors starting with those of the tensor cables just outside the windows: weaves, reflections, mirrors that create games of environments and spaces but only in the mind and in the gaze of the observer because they do not exist in reality.

Photograph by Marco Tortato