Record-breaking works: The final frontier of infrastructure


US high speed trains accelerate with the “Messi train”

From Florida, where the Argentine champion plays, to Texas, America is once again dreaming of fast trains.


From the Brenner Pass to the Gotthard Pass, here are the longest railway tunnels in the world

Large tunnels shorten distances and allow high-speed railways to run beneath the mountains.

Sustainability and infrastructure: an inseparable link


Italy needs to invest 32 billion euros to prevent a water crisis

Today, 18% of Italy's GDP depends on water: the essential infrastructure for the country's well-being.


The United States: Rebirth of the Potomac River

Major infrastructure projects to revitalize the waters of the Nation’s River and its tributaries.

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Italian Innovations that Make the Çanakkale Bridge Great

The deck of the Turkish record-breaking bridge was constructed following a model designed for the Messina Bridge.


Green energy: in California the Coronado Bridge lights up San Diego’s bay

Over 50 years after its inauguration, the bridge remains an absolute icon of beauty and infrastructural functionality.


Akashi Bridge, the Japanese record of the earthquake-resistant bridge

A steel giant on Osaka Bay: the story of the second-longest suspension bridge in the world


Glen Canyon Dam, a giant on the Colorado River

Inaugurated in 1966, the grand dam continues to manage the waters of the mighty American river.


Australia’s water challenge

From floods to droughts, the unpredictable climate necessitates new investments in water infrastructure for the country.


From London to Paris, all subways records

A strategical investment for the sustainability of international megacities