Suspened or curved?

Sydney’s Award-Winning Skytrain Bridge

Sydney’s skytrain bridge and viaduct, a 4.6-kilometre section of Sydney Metro Northwest with two elevated stations built by Webuild, has received a string of awards including “Project of the Year” for 2018 from U.S. trade magazine Engineering-News Record (ENR), thanks mostly to the curved, cable-stayed bridge of 270 metres. It is supported by two towers 40-metres tall, each with 16 suspension cables.

The bridge comprises 88 cement segments, or griders, each weighing between 70 and 140 tonnes. They were raised in place by gigantic cranes. At a length of 150 metres and weighing 600 tonnes, they were a novelty in Australia. Their work included the installation of more than 1,200 prefabricated sections.