Australian continent


Wivenhoe: the jewel in Queensland’s crown

Wivenhoe is the first and only pumped storage hydro power station in operation in Queensland


Australia 2050: a net zero-emission economy

Australian Energy Market Operator calls for investment in hydro storage to help with energy transition


FACS: How Webuild innovates tunnel building

The model will be used for the first time worldwide in Australia in the Snowy 2.0 project.


Melbourne and its Infrastructure Ready for the Australian Open

The Australian metropolis continues to grow and welcomes 2024 with the first Grand Slam of the year.


Australia: from mines to clean energy

Snowy and the others: here are the "green" facilities that will change Australia.


Interview with Andrew Blakers, leading expert in renewable energy


Australia’s Back-Up Plan: Pumped Hydro Energy Storage

Interview with Andrew Blakers, one of Australia's foremost experts in sustainability


A battery to distribute energy only when needed: the green solution launched by Australia

The system stores excess energy during periods of low demand to release it when demand increases


Australia boosts infrastructure to protect its greatest water basin

All the projects to protect that million square kilometers of waters in the Murray-Darling Basin.