City of Tomorrow

Cities of the Future: what are they and their projects


Riyadh looks to the future: the New Murabba project

Saudi capital is a candidate for Expo 2030 by investing in large infrastructure and mega urban redevelopment projects


The Line, the project of a vertical city that cuts the desert in half

Another prodigious infrastructure to launch Riyadh’s candidacy to host Expo 2030


Rome bets on sustainability to meet the Universal Expo challenge.

Rome’s recipe for hosting Expo 2030: Billions of euros in public works and green energy.


The prior’s ring

The 17 stations of the Cityringen metro in Copenhagen.


The infrastructure projects most critical for New York City

Here is a look at the infrastructure needed over the next 100 years to make the Big Apple into a sustainable metropolis


The city of fifteen minutes, this is the future of the megacities

An interview with Carlo Ratti, director of the MIT Senseable City Lab


U.S. cities embrace digital twins to improve their future

Digital technology is helping cities redesign themselves in 4D, reducing costs and pollution


Tegel, Berlin’s Cold War-era airport, will be re-born as a technology park

The Tegel Airport re-development is the biggest urban renewal plan since the fall of the Berlin Wall


Arden Cross: the smart new transport hub close to London

Plans for a new smart city that aims to become a magnet for global investors