Hydraulic Risk

Hydraulic Risk: what is it and how we face it


Wastewater treatment, the largest Italian project in recent years

The project, carried out by a consortium led by Fisia Italimpianti (Webuild Group) in the Vicenza area, will serve about 300,000 people.


US faces water shortage: high gap between demand and investments

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers this year the gsp will reach $91 billion.


Sicily: the railway line that quenches the thirst of Catania’s Plain

The high-speed Palermo-Catania railway project includes a new water network that reduces to zero water leaks and waste


One Hundred Thousand Homes at Risk: England Brought to Its Knees by Floods

Storm Henk has damaged large infrastructures such as railways, bridges, roads, and numerous farms


As winter brings flood risks, Britain takes action

New investments to manage climate crises and protect the strategic infrastructure of the United Kingdom.


Texas said yes: a referendum to protect its water infrastructure

The state approves a constitutional amendment to establish a $1 billion stable public fund


Australia boosts infrastructure to protect its greatest water basin

All the projects to protect that million square kilometers of waters in the Murray-Darling Basin.


Italy needs to invest 32 billion euros to prevent a water crisis

Today, 18% of Italy's GDP depends on water: the essential infrastructure for the country's well-being.


Over $7 billion to invest: America wants to protect its water

Dams, hydraulic tunnels, and hydroelectric plants are the targets of the new package of interventions approved by the government.