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High-Speed Rail: The Trains That Will Change the USA

Billions of dollars in impact and pollution reduction: Here are the benefits of high-speed trains


Dodgers Stadium, the epic challenge of baseball’s first temples

From the Los Angeles stadium to today, building techniques have changed and sport venues have become modern and sustainable.


New York City boosts public works’ investments

The Big Apple reaches a new record: $83 billion spent in 2023 on large public works


Midwest, the American tech Eldorado needs infrastructure

Google, Amazon and other hi-tech giants have chosen these areas to develop huge logistics, distribution and production centers


Over $7 billion to invest: America wants to protect its water

Dams, hydraulic tunnels, and hydroelectric plants are the targets of the new package of interventions approved by the government.


Infrastructure and investments, Las Vegas prepares to welcome a Formula 1 Grand Prix

From November 16th to 18th, the first Formula 1 Grand Prix in Las Vegas will take place on a city circuit created from scratch.


Bridge: America seeks funds for its infrastructure

The majority of American states have invested only one-third of the available funds for the revitalization of their bridges.


New York City: from 2025 only “green concrete” will be used in public works

The measure has been approved as one of the responses to the climate shocks that have been hitting the Big Apple for years.


The largest dams in the USA: the rankings