Roadwork in India

Massive investments on ambitious projects to modernise the country’s transport infrastructure


Infographics dedicated to Trans-African Highway

Launched in 1971 by UNECA, Trans-African Highway is actually a network of nine highways whose envisioned connections among one another would cover a combined total of 60,000 kilometres across the cont...


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The Channel Tunnel is seen as one of the world’s seven engineering wonders


The Pan-American Highway: the dream of uniting the Americas

The Pan-American Highway, the longest in the world


A Rollercoaster by the Sea

Winding along Norway’s northwestern coast, the Atlantic Road is considered one of the most spectacular in the world


The Journey Between East and West

Since 1973, the bridges of Istanbul have contributed to its economic growth


California: Infrastructure Investment for the Next Five Years

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A Long Beach Icon

The New Gerald Desmond Bridge: A Strategic Infrastructure for the United States


5 interesting bridges of the world that benefit the economy

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