Sustainable development

What is Sustainable Development: meaning, examples and infrastructure


New York City: from 2025 only “green concrete” will be used in public works

The measure has been approved as one of the responses to the climate shocks that have been hitting the Big Apple for years.


Those “green” buildings that change cities and protect the environment

From the skyscrapers of New York City to the new neighborhoods in Lausanne, construction goes green.


Australia, Perth Airport Central Station excellence in design and architecture

The Award for Public Architecture was awarded to one of symbolic stations of sustainable mobility


Food safety: Australia to build a huge fertiliser plant

The plant being built by Webuild and Saipem will become one of the world’s major urea producers


Singapore: one of the world’s top smart cities

Artificial intelligence and sustainable transport: Singapore renews its title as one of the world’s top “smart cities”


Riyadh looks to the future: the New Murabba project

Saudi capital is a candidate for Expo 2030 by investing in large infrastructure and mega urban redevelopment projects


From the Al Bayt to London’s Olympic stadium, the design behind sustainable projects

Buildings, railroads, bridges and roads: the future works that protect the environment


California, the largest dam removal project in the history of the US

The $450 million project will also become the largest fish revegetation and regeneration project


Symphonic orchestra

Genoa’s new bridge: a masterpiece