The three A’s of Naples

The city’s metro system eyes further recognition

Art, archeology and architecture. The Capodichino-Aeroporto metro station is becoming a example of technical expertise and design.

It consists of an underground space that takes the form of the Greek letter, omega. Under development by Webuild, it will be 50 metres deep but with an atrium at street level covered by a hangar-style roof in a mixed steel-glass-concrete structure. The circular part of the structure has an internal diametre of 33 metres with an open space with 8 elevators and 4 helicoidal staircases that run along the walls.

The excavation of the underground space is expected to produce 200,000 cubic metres of earth. Construction will require 70,000 cubic metres of concrete and 8,000 tonnes of steel.

Capodichino will be the third portal to the city. With the opening of the station, Naples will be one of the first cities in the world to have the port, airport and railway station all connected to the metro system.