Symphonic orchestra

Genoa’s new bridge: a masterpiece

The Genoa San Giorgio Bridge, built in only 450 days, is the work of more than 40 different trades, like the members of a symphonic orchestra, having performed in perfect harmony.

The structure is a work of art made of steel and concrete. Its 18 elliptical piles are 90 metres tall, 50 of which remain underground. Built by Webuild, it has 19 spans for a total length of 1,067 metres. From the first sketches of its design to the final installment of the technological gear inside the deck, every member of the orchestra did his or her part, working day and night, on one of three shifts of eight hours each.

There were also experts on hand, for the treatment of rainwater, the installation of dehumidifiers, and the setting of sensors to monitor the state of the structure with the help of robots that keep the solar panels clean.