The prior’s ring

The 17 stations of the Cityringen metro in Copenhagen.

To build the 17 elegant underground stations of Cityringen, Copenhagen’s metropolitan ring, TBMs (mechanical moles) made their way for 31 km through the foundations of ancient buildings, just like the Marble Church (Marmorkirken).

During works, which were carried out by Webuild, the prior was not worried at all: “The mechanical mole makes me jump, but the Church will resist its vibrations. I trust in God, and also in these men, who know their business”. His station, built 30 metres under the church deck, is the deepest of all.

The Cityringen, delivered in 2019, allows Copenhagen to proclaim itself as the world’s first carbon neutral capital. In fact, 85% of citizens have a station located at less than 600 metres from their homes. Their cars can remain in their garages.