What is the tallest skyscraper in the world: a ranking

Skyscrapers in the world are a symbol of building innovation, especially as regards their height.

In the collective imagination, the skyscraper was among the most visible manifestations of progress, technological innovation and engineering prowess.

China has since become the country of records as a growing number of its skyscrapers join the ranks of the tallest in the world.

The United Arab Emirates also have a place in the rankings, along with the United States thanks to One World Trade Center, which replaced the Twin Towers after the terrorist attack in New York on September 11, 2001.

List of the Tallest buildings in the World: the top 10

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai ranks first among the tallest skyscrapers in the world. Inaugurated on January 4, 2010, it is 828 metres high with 163 floors and 57 elevators. Known for its ostentatious design, it covers 344,000 square metres. Its 39,000 tonnes of steel helped push the cost of its construction to more than €2 billion.

Shanghai Tower

Second place goes to the Shanghai Tower in China. It stands at 632 metres and has 121 floors. The design and construction of this building focused on two crucial elements: the shape and floor distribution. Its twisting shape evokes the country’s dynamism.

Abraj Al Bait

Saudi Arabia is in third place with its Abraj Al Bait in Mecca. It is 601 metres tall with 95 floors. Located at the heart of this holy city, it is the main tower of a cluster of buildings of various heights.

Ping An Finance Centre

China returns to the ranking of the tallest skyscrapers in the world with the Ping An Finance Centre in fourth place. Located in Shenzhen, it has a height of 599 metres with 115 floors. It was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates and financed by Ping An Insurance.

Lotte World Tower

Seoul takes up fifth place with the Lotte World Tower. Housing offices, residential apartments and an hotel, it is 554 metres tall. Designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, it is the latest in South Korea.

One World Trade Centre

A skyscraper in the United States finally makes it mark among the tallest in the world, reaching sixth place. This is the One World Trade Centre, also known as Freedom Tower. Built on the site where the Twin Towers once stood, it opened its doors in 2013. It is 541 metres tall or 1,776 feet. That number – 1776 – is the year of independence for the United States.

Guangzhou International Finance Center

The ranking of the 10 tallest skyscrapers in the world has a place for sustainable development. It is filled by the Guangzhou International Finance Center at 530 metres in height in Canton, China. Opened in 2016, it cost more than €1 billion to build.

Citic Tower

China again returns to the ranking with the Citic Tower in eighth place. Located in the financial district of Beijing, it was recently opened for business. At 528 metres in height, its design takes inspiration from a Chinese ritual known as “zun”. It is for this reason that it is also known as China Zun.

Tapei 101

Taiwan takes ninth place with its Tapei 101. The tallest in the country at 508 metres, it is a tourist attraction all its own.

Shanghai World Financial Center

The Shanghai World Financial Center takes 10th place in the ranking of the tallest skyscrapers in the world with its 492 metres of height. It took 11 years to build it.