From Salini to Webuild, 20 years of major work

From Salini to Webuild – twenty years of growth, both externally and internally, that led to the creation of an international colossus with an overall order book of 40 billion euros, a workforce of 70,000 people employed both directly and indirectly and at least one project carried out in each of 110 counties.

A process of growth that was begun in 2000 by Salini Spa, saw the acquisition of Impregilo and the creation of Salini Impregilo and, in 2020, celebrated the launch of Project Italy and a change of name to Webuild.

Growth marked by the Group’s financial evolution but also the construction of major works in Italy and around the world. From Copenhagen’s driverless Cityringen underground railway to the Gerald Desmond Bridge of Long Beach, from the Riyadh Metro to Sydney’s Skytrain, from the new Panama Canal to Genoa’s Ponte San Giorgio, all major works designed and built to be environmentally sustainable.