Salini Impregilo in the Arabian Peninsula

Deep Sewer Tunnel

The project will realise two of the three lots of the Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme (STEP). The programme is characterised by a 40 km tunnel that will serve to collect, using gravitational force, the wastewater of Abu Dhabi's island and mainland, directing them towards Al Wathba.
It is the first time that this mechanised excavation technology is used at Abu Dhabi.

Dubai's Parallel Roads

The project is located near Dubai's World Trade Center and connects West Parallel Road to Sheikh Rashid Road.
The project will also construct new roads, will enlarge the existing ones, will implement access roads, vertical and horizontal road markings, including street lightning and the repositioning of a great number underground utilities.

Abu Dhabi Great Mosque

The Great Mosque, which takes its name from the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan II, President of the United Arab Emirates and Governor of Abu Dhabi, is one of the biggest mosques in the world.
The structure is composed of 4x100m high minarets, 138 domes of which the largest, 34 metres in diameter and 75 m in height, 1,400 columns in marble of various types, 142 pinnacles of which a crystal one too, more than 2,000 chandeliers and 70 carved monumental doors, sculpted and modelled. The mosque covers an overall area of 84,000 m2, including the main structure, the courtyard used for prayer, the colonnades, the areas for ablution, the external stairs and the technical plants. It can accommodate 7,000 faithful followers in the main prayer covered area (Main Haram) and 20,000 faithful followers in total in the other covered areas and in the central courtyard. The area that can be used for worship extends itself on a 52,000 m2 (St. Peter's Basilica in Rome measures 25,000 m2).

Dubai Ras al Khor crossing

The project, which has been realised in the Dubai Ras al Khor crossing, is composed of a motorway crossing with 3 underpasses, 22 bridges, 60 m distance lights for a total of 62,000 m2.
The new Dubai Ras al Khor crossing, which has replaced Interchange No. 1 at the crossing between the Sheikh Zayed Road and the Doha Street, is situated in a high-traffic area.