African continent


Zimbabwe’s capital crippled by a water shortage

A water crisis is affecting two million people in Harere, creating risks of an epidemic


The temples of Ramesse II belong to all of mankind

UNESCO’s commitment to save the Abu Simbel temple site from being submerged by the Nile


Morocco’s Al Boraq: The First High-Speed Train in Africa

The high-speed train is the latest grand infrastructure project in Morocco


The Middle East and North Africa: the spectre of drought

Desalination treatment that makes sea water drinkable is the hope for the future


The relocation of Abu Simbel’s temples: how they were saved

The world's leading construction firms team up to rescue a pair of ancient temples threatened by the Nile


African Free Trade: Growth, Prosperity and the infrastructure challenge

African leaders agree to lower barriers to spur economic growth


Cape Town’s serious Water Crisis before Day Zero

Cape Town set to be world’s first big city without water


Trans-African Highway: Roads and Railways to make cargo move

Transport infrastructure is required to help improve trade


Infographics dedicated to Trans-African Highway

Launched in 1971 by UNECA, Trans-African Highway is actually a network of nine highways whose envisioned connections among one another would cover a combined total of 60,000 kilometres across the cont...