African continent


The Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo, a flagship of architecture that embraces art

After almost twenty years of work, the opening date of one of the most incredible exhibition spaces in the world is approaching.


Egypt’s miracle

The Pharaoh’s Temple: Dismantled and Reassembled


The Aswan Dam, the Largest Dam on the Nile


Infrastructure: South Africa’s plan for emerging stronger after Covid-19

South Africa is investing $133 billion (€110 billion) in infrastructure to help rebuild its economy.


Hydroelectric: the green energy that beat Covid-19

Hydroelectric plants: the role of large infrastructures


Neckartal: the dam that irrigates a desert

The Neckartal Dam built by Salini Impregilo in Namibia is up and running


Infographics dedicated to Hong-Kong infrastructure projects

The government intend to spend around $25 billion for four new infrastructure projects considered as strategic to modernise the city.


The Sepulveda Transit Corridor: Sustainable Transport for a better Los Angeles

A new metro line will connect the Los Angeles International Airport with the San Fernando Valley


Africa’s first SkyTrain

Ghana will build the first elevated train on the African continent