Demographic Boom And Megacities


Australia: Melbourne, the city aiming to become a metropolis

Large infrastructure projects such as the North East Link are responding to the needs emerging from the increase of the city’s population


Megacities: definition, urbanistic growth and new infrastructures

Here is what a megacity is and what are the largest cities in the world, which will face the challenge of a new urbanization


Buenos Aires ever smarter

Argentina’s capital has been recognised for its innovative, sustainable waste management system


China: a train headed toward the city of the future

A high-speed train connecting Beijing to Xiong’an, the first Chinese smart city


European rebirth to happen through urban renewal

Urban renewal at the center of Recovery Plans announced by EU member states


London: making a fresh start with the Elizabeth Line

As British capital struggles through Covid-19, it looks ahead to 2022 when its massive new subway line will open its doors.


Future Megacities of the world: discover the 6 new entries

The world’s megacities will number 39 in 2030, and will produce 15% of the world’s GDP


Infographics dedicated to the Future Megacities

The number of megacities is expected to grow from 33 to 39 by 2030, becoming home to 9% of the population and producing 15% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP).


Moscow smart city by 2030: current project status

Russia’s capital is among the world’s “smart cities” thanks to digitalisation and sustainable mobility