Global Investments


Argentina: investments to fight the virus crisis after Covid-19

The government’s response to Covid-19: new infrastructure investment


Infrastructure investment: the Asian development banks get out their bazookas

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Asian Development Bank unveil billions of dollars in lending programmes to cope with Covid-19


OECD: investments to cure the economy from coronavirus

Infrastructure investments are one of the ways to get the economy going again once the Covid-19 crisis is over


Covid-19: infrastructure spending to get the U.S. economy running again

U.S. President Donald Trump has proposed an infrastructure spending plan of $2 trillion to cope with the economic fallout of the Covid-19 virus


Lessening the impact of climate change with better water management: the role of infrastructure

World Water Day 2020: water can help guarantee a more sustainable future


UK: Healing the economy in times of coronavirus

The government has announced plans to spend $825 billion on developing the country’s infrastructure


Coronavirus: investments and health protection to overcome the emergency

Safety measures have been increased and so has protection for workers. New investments may be next


Infographics dedicated to Hong-Kong infrastructure projects

The government intend to spend around $25 billion for four new infrastructure projects considered as strategic to modernise the city.


Sustainable mobility: Chile’s cure for its neglected train network

The country’s is launching its largest-ever railway investment