Green Transportation

Sustainable Mobility: what is it and why it’s so important


Japan runs on a train that floats

Work continues on the Chuo Shinkansen, the high-speed train connecting Tokyo to Osaka


The new Penn Station annex turns the lights back on in New York City

The new Penn Station: New York starts again from sustainable mobility


PERTH: A new LRT to run under the city’s streets

Completion of the Forrestfield-Airport Link set for 2021


Terzo Valico: moles at work on Italy’s longest tunnel

Underground excavations continue to complete 53 kms (33 miles) of high-speed rail line


Texas bullet train: America turns to the future with high- speed rail

A $20 billion infrastructure project to connect Houston and Dallas in under 90 minutes


Sustainable mobility: the world’s oldest subway lines

From London to New York City, these are the subway lines that inaugurated the age of urban rail transport


Infographics dedicated to the Middle east mobility

The Middle East is making sustainable mobility a cornerstone of its urban development and major metropolises like Dubai, Riyadh, Doha, Kuwait City, and Abu Dhabi have been transformed into open-air co...


The Middle East prioritises rail transport

Modern railways and metro lines: all the major sustainable mobility projects currently underway in Persian Gulf countries.


China’s high-speed trains: a symbol of progress

China is spending billions at worksites across the country to extend its world-beating high-speed rail network