New Challenges


Rome bets on sustainability to meet the Universal Expo challenge.

Rome’s recipe for hosting Expo 2030: Billions of euros in public works and green energy.


Engineering marvel: record setting infrastructure for 2023

From dams to bridges to museums: the most spectacular works that will mark the new year


Drink by the barrel

Intake 3, Nevada's secret weapon against drought


Ports and ships, the new infrastructure needed for LNG

The new breakwater in Genoa will be one of the most important projects


The missing funds to solve Italy’s water crisis

Water: a gap of more than €7 billion between available and needed funds


Water Desalination in Saudi Arabia and other countries: demand grows for water technology amid climate change

Demand for desalination plants is growing as climate change makes fresh water scarcer


Italy’s drought: desalination plants and new infrastructure needed to save the country

Drinking water from the sea: here's Webuild's plan to cope with Italy’s water crisis


Bidding farewell to Russian gas: the infrastructure challenge ahead

From ports to pipelines, Europe seeks out new infrastructure to break free from Russian gas


“Trade school” kicks off at Webuild’s first worksites

Webuild launches a programme to train and hire specialised workers