New Challenges


Genova: the construction site sounds its last note

On 27 July, the Accademia di Santa Cecilia will play a concert at the Genoa Bridge worksite to mark the end of construction


Genoa, the supply chain of companies that made the bridge


Italy: infrastructure to help the country recover

Like the United States, China and the United Kingdom, Italy is setting its sights on infrastructure to help relaunch its economy


United States: big cities request a hand from the government

Federal funds are necessary to keep major infrastructure projects from stalling


The Sfalassà viaduct: man versus the elements

How one of Europe’s most spectacular bridges was built and modernised


China’s high-speed trains: a symbol of progress

China is spending billions at worksites across the country to extend its world-beating high-speed rail network


What is the biggest stadium in the world? The ranking by capacity

From North Korea to the United States, these are the largest stadiums in the world


The Tianjin Grand Bridge: China’s viaduct between Langfang and Qingxian

The high-speed rail line between Beijing and Shanghai crosses the city of Tianjin on a viaduct that runs for 113 kilometers, or 70 miles.


LaGuardia Airport: The Rebirth of New York’s Third Stop

New York’s Third Airport Under A Huge Makeover