New Challenges


The Jeddah Tower: Saudi Arabia aims for the sky

The Tower is to soar one kilometre into the sky, surpassing the Burj Khalifa


Innovation: testing out the future on the Webuild Group’s construction sites

Technologies, digitalisation, and sustainability in the Webuild Group’s construction sites around the world


From Salini to Webuild, 20 years of major work


The 10 most famous and unique skyscrapers in London

Steel, glass, futuristic shapes and ways of saving energy: a look at the most iconic skyscrapers of the English capital.


Burj Khalifa: the skyscraper that soars above the Arabian Desert

A tapered skyscraper among the dunes of the Arabian Gulf, Burj Khalifa is an astonishing work of engineering.


Zaha Hadid and the world’s most intricately designed bridge

Dunes designed by architect Zaha Hadid on the Sheikh Zayed Bridge of Abu Dhabi


Terzo Valico: moles at work on Italy’s longest tunnel

Underground excavations continue to complete 53 kms (33 miles) of high-speed rail line


The Rogun Dam: a strategic hydropower plant in Tajikistan

The tallest dam in the world will be built by Salini Impregilo in Tajikistan


Auckland spearheads New Zealand’s infrastructure investment plans

The government has launched billions of dollars in spending to develop its transport infrastructure network