New Technologies


The TBM-whisperer

Interview with Mariachiara Di Nauta, mechanical digging expert with the Webuild group


Webuild, over 1,500 kms of tunnel dug with approximately 200 TBMs

Inside the TBM, a journey inside the secrets of one of the largest and most complex machines


TBM and large infrastructure: the head of the mechanical mole Stefania at Milan’s Triennale

The achievements of the technological giants that dig invisible tunnels beneath our cities


Australia’s first entirely wooden stadium comes from Italy: the Eric Tweedale Stadium

The characteristics of the Eric Tweedale Stadium have ensured a reduction of 130 tons of Co2, that would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere


Artificial Intelligence: video interview with Mariarosaria Taddeo


Bridges and skyscrapers light up for the holidays

From the Gerald Desmond Bridge to the Stavros Niarchos in Athens, lights become an important architectural element


Artificial intelligence, a new infrastructure for the world we now live in

An interview with Professor Mariarosaria Taddeo, one of the 100 most influential women in technology in the UK


The prior’s ring

The 17 stations of the Cityringen metro in Copenhagen.


Keeping Up with the Machines

Webuild and its partners are setting up a robot factory to support a railway project in Sicily