With bated breath

The Braila Bridge: A New Icon on the Danube

The Braila Bridge, in Romania, has already become the new icon on the Danube, even before it was completed. Two load-bearing cables anchored to a tower 180 metres high on each bank, and formed by 18,000 intertwined steel wires, for a total weight of 6,775 tons and a cumulative length of 38,000 km.

Funded by the European Union, and built by Webuild and a joint venture partner, it will be the second longest suspension bridge in continental Europe, with a central span of 1,120 meters and a total length of 1,975 metres. The works saw moments of great spectacle such as the deck’s laying, performed with 86 prefabricated segments of 260 tons each, transported along the Danube and assembled in sequence