Voices from the bridge: From the drawing board to the real world – episode I

From the drawing board to its construction. The story of the Ponte San Giorgio told by Webuild’s engineer Nicola Meistro, appointed Chief Executive Officer of Pergenova, the joint venture established by Webuild, together with Fincantieri, to construct the bridge. The secrets of a major project are revealed through the words of the engineer who coordinated the on-site works from the outset, that – in terms of time, quality and construction methods – marked a new record in the history of construction in Italy. As Meistro explains in the podcast, the result was achieved through the great efforts of the workers.

“Whoever is involved in the construction of a major work,” explains Meistro, “is always deeply bound up with what he does. That was especially so in this case because we realised that we were being watched by the nation, and perhaps beyond. You could feel everyone’s eyes on you.”