The US Route 50

Route 50 is the highway that crosses the United States from West to East, from West Sacramento in California to Ocean City in Maryland: more than 3,000 miles through the heart of the American continent across 12 states and 17 mountain passes on a journey through deserts, prairies, vast lakes, mountain massifs and cities large and small, such as the capital Washington D.C.

Travelling along Route 50 is like leaping from the trampoline of an infrastructure that is unique in the world, the origins of which go back to the nineteen twenties, long before the construction of the Interstate Highway System ordered by President Eisenhower.

Route 50, as the world knows it today, was completed in the nineteen sixties. Since then, the highway built to connect the opposite shores of the continent has become the expression of the American dream, perfectly encapsulated in the “coast to coast” road trip, the leap from one ocean to another driven only by the thirst for discovery.