Naples-Bari High-Speed Railway

The story of the construction of the infrastructure that will revolutionise mobility in southern Italy.

The Naples-Bari line will bring high-speed trains to southern Italy for the first time. It is a major infrastructure project that forms part of the TEN-T networks planned by the European Union to connect the continent’s countries in an efficient and sustainable way. The Webuild Group is currently engaged in the construction of two stretches of this project: the Naples-Cancello line, around 9.8 miles long, and the 11-mile long Apice-Hirpinia section. Two huge construction sites, where 600 people are already at work, due to rise to 930 by 2022.

The specifications of this unique work are recounted in the podcast by engineer Antonio Franzese, technical director of one of Webuild’s sites on the Naples-Bari line. In relating his personal experience, the project’s secrets emerge, but it also becomes clear how this major infrastructure can become an opportunity to relaunch southern Italy.