City of Tomorrow

Cities of the Future: what are they and their projects


The numbers of the Moscow Metro

70% of Muscovites routinely use the metro, making it the most common and popular form of transportation in the city


Moscow, a circular subway line for the “city of rings”

Moscow’s new Big Circle Line is 70 kilometres long with 31 stations running below Russia’s capital


Sydney doubles down: a new airport for the Australian metropolis

A modern and sustainable new airport that will connect the New South Wales capital to the rest of the world


Hi-tech London, or the making of a smart city

Investment in technology and sustainable mobility to renew the UK capital


Stefano Boeri and the archipelago city, to save the environment

Interview with architect Stefano Boeri: “Fusion between nature and the city is the future”


Berlin: a European smart city

Innovative startups and sustainable transport: the future of Germany’s capital


Dubai, a smart city in the desert dunes

Here the projects that will transform Dubai into the smart city of the future


Urban requalification is changing the Bronx

High rises and public parks aim to change the lifestyle of residents in the New York City borough


Perth, sustainability at the service of infrastructure

From the airport to the new light rail line, major infrastructure projects for a sustainable city