City of Tomorrow

Cities of the Future: what are they and their projects


Construction in Europe: cities lead the way to recovery

Five European cities are ranked as the world’s most expensive places to build


China: a train headed toward the city of the future

A high-speed train connecting Beijing to Xiong’an, the first Chinese smart city


London: starting over again after Covid-19

The British capital focuses on sustainable transport to revive urban development post-pandemic


European rebirth to happen through urban renewal

Urban renewal at the center of Recovery Plans announced by EU member states


Copenhagen: an old port transformed into a sustainable neighborhood

The story of Nordhavn, an old city port and cornerstone of a radical urban renewal project


PERTH: A new LRT to run under the city’s streets

Completion of the Forrestfield-Airport Link set for 2021


Future Megacities of the world: discover the 6 new entries

The world’s megacities will number 39 in 2030, and will produce 15% of the world’s GDP


Infographics dedicated to the Future Megacities

The number of megacities is expected to grow from 33 to 39 by 2030, becoming home to 9% of the population and producing 15% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP).


Floating cities: the latest projects from Singapore to San Marino

Floating cities could be the new urban model of the future: here are the pioneer projects