City of Tomorrow

Cities of the Future: what are they and their projects


Paris, a European Pioneer

Billions of euros in investments and new infrastructure to transform France’s capital


Africa needs to raise an additional $1 trillion for infrastructure development

The countries need more funding to meet development goals set by the U.N.


The boom of megacities

Populations the size of a country in areas lacking basic infrastructure: the dilemma of the megacity


A New Babylon

Exclusive Interview with Carlo Ratti


Yangpu Waterfront, a smart city in the heart of Shanghai

The Chinese super-city launches a technology hub to host the world’s most innovative companies


Over $1 trillion to relaunch U.S. cities

Infrastructure projects approved by U.S. city residents


Infographics dedicated to Pearl River Delta

The Pearl River Delta has won recognition by the World Bank as the largest urban area – or megacity - in the world: 60 million residents and 56,000 square kilometres.


Pearl River Delta: China’s Biggest Economic Hub

A vast infrastructure network connects nine cities with 60 million residents


London: City on the Go

Billions of investments in housing and transport for a world class ranking