Italy needs to invest 32 billion euros to prevent a water crisis

Today, 18% of Italy's GDP depends on water: the essential infrastructure for the country's well-being.


The United States: Rebirth of the Potomac River

Major infrastructure projects to revitalize the waters of the Nation’s River and its tributaries.


Glen Canyon Dam, a giant on the Colorado River

Inaugurated in 1966, the grand dam continues to manage the waters of the mighty American river.


Australia’s water challenge

From floods to droughts, the unpredictable climate necessitates new investments in water infrastructure for the country.


Phoenix running out of water and America finds it is fragile

Water scarcity in the city of Phoenix reopens the debate on the necessary investments in American infrastructure


From the Netherlands to the US, the engineering works that hold water’s fury at bay

Water management plants are needed to avoid the devastating effects of floods


Interview with Giorgio Pratofiorito, the Fisia Italimpianti engineer specializing in desalination


Pennsylvania, in the US large dams are making a comeback

Plans for a new dam big enough to power a city of half a million have been announced


From the sea to the glass, our commitment for water

Giorgio Pratofiorito, a Fisia Italimpianti research and development engineer