Arturo Toscanini’s Biography: an outstanding conductor

Celebrating 150 years of the birth of an Italian genius

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Arturo Toscanini and the 60th of his death. The celebrated Italian conductor of orchestra music, who lived the second half of his life in the United States, interpreted famous works with unrivaled talent, refined by a constant search for perfection.

His passion and dedication left an indelible mark on the interpretation of the work of the great composers of opera, making Toscanini their ambassador in Italy and the United States during the first half of the last century. In fact, the United States became his second home in 1930s after he left Europe. He had an unwavering commitment to bringing music to the world with a perfection in execution that was second to none. These are the values that Salini Impregilo and its U.S. subsidiary Lane Construction want to celebrate by hosting events in Italy and the United States that will present a book, a video and a music CD dedicated to Toscanini.

Inspired by his genius, Salini Impregilo looks to follow his example through public works that endure the passage of time. Such is the Group’s commitment to infrastructure: roads, bridges, dams, tunnels… projects that, at times, seem impossible to do but with the right expertise become objects of wonder thanks to the work of thousands of people. Focused on a single objective, they work much like a symphony. 

Arturo Toscanini's Biography: the infographic