Climate Change

Climate Change: consequences, effects and impact on infrastructure


NASA: Five billion people face risk of water shortage

Water supply has become the challenge of the century


Climate change puts Europe’s infrastructure at risk

From now up to 2050 European countries will need to spend €19.6 billion to protect infrastructure from climate change


Miami: Infrastructure Projects to Prepare It for the Next Hurricanes

This Florida city is investing to protect itself from severe weather events


Mega Trends in the Transport Sector

The global transport sector faces four mega trends in the coming decades


Infographics dedicated to Water Scarcity

According to the United Nations, one of the causes of water scarcity in the world is linked to the quantity of water that is lost during its use, both in homes, as in industry and agricolture.


Desalination: quenching the thirst of the UAE

The UAE resorts to desalination to quench the thirst of its growing population


Florida: Climate Change and Infrastructure

Investment in Florida to Prepare Roads and Bridges for Climate Change


Charlotte’s Light Rail Extension: the expected completion date

Charlotte is overseeing a $1.16 billion project to extend a light-rail transit system to reduce traffic and pollution


The Role of Sustainable Infrastructure

Public works with a positive impact on the environment, the economy and society