Hydraulic Risk

Hydraulic Risk: what is it and how we face it


From Great Britain to the U.S., the world is in search of water

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Climate change, it’s time to act


Climate Change: Now is the time to act

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The missing funds to solve Italy’s water crisis

Water: a gap of more than €7 billion between available and needed funds


Water Desalination in Saudi Arabia and other countries: demand grows for water technology amid climate change

Demand for desalination plants is growing as climate change makes fresh water scarcer


Colorado: water is the new gold

The Colorado River is now in its 23rd year of drought. The drinking water of 40 million people is at risk.


Warragamba Dam, protecting Sydney from drought

Secrets of Warragamba Dam, the infrastructure that protects Sydney from drought


From the Everglades to the Mississippi, the U.S. is investing in environmental protection

The Army Corps of Engineers will manage $23 billion in projects aimed at protecting the environment


The United States invests $50 billion in cleaning up its water

U.S. Congress approves specifics of Biden’s water infrastructure redevelopment plan