Hydraulic Risk

Hydraulic Risk: what is it and how we face it


Cape Town’s serious Water Crisis before Day Zero

Cape Town set to be world’s first big city without water


Water taps run dry in Atlantic City

The US city was left without water 12 times in a single day


Waste Water Management: Projects in the World

Properly treating wastewater can produce enormous benefits


Fort Wayne: A Tunnel for Cleaner Rivers

Fort Wayne invests in sustainability cleaning up its rivers


Infographics dedicated to Water Scarcity

According to the United Nations, one of the causes of water scarcity in the world is linked to the quantity of water that is lost during its use, both in homes, as in industry and agricolture.


The Riachuelo: A Cleaner Future for a Toxic River

Argentina Gets Help from World Bank, Innovative Engineering to Clean River


New Zealand: More than an Umbrella for the Rain

The country needs to invest 20 billion New Zealand dollars to address emergencies caused by rain storms


California: Dams in Emergency

California has 1,585 dams built between the 1950s and 1960s


Rio 2016: Construction Site Brazil

Infrastructure is at the heart of a budget that has reached $10.7 billion